Personality At Work – The Model

This questionnaire describes how you think, make decisions and interact with other people. It is a self-description, and there is no right or wrong answer. The model consists of six dimensions.


sociable, active, energetic, likes to be with other people

Emotional Stability

balanced, relaxed, positive, keeps calm even under stress


empathetic, emotional, maintains friendly relations

Openness For New Things

creative, curious, likes variety and change


reliable, accurate, conscientious, practical, conscientious

Rational Thinking

logical, fact-based, analyzes problems on the factual level

Your Profile

A typical rational-conscientious profile. This is the profile of a person who has a strong focus on the task dimensions of work. From a professional perspective, people with such profiles tend to be no-nonsense, task-oriented and less interested in the emotional dimensions of work. Anything non-work related is likely to be considered as a distraction.